Proven & customizable strength, speed, energy system development and injury prevention training for any basketball player that is looking to significantly improve their performance.




ETS has shaped me not only into the athlete I am today, but the person I am today. When I walk through the doors to work out, I feel at home. Everyone treats each other as if we are a family. I have never felt so passionate about working out until I started at ETS. It has pushed me to my limits both physically and mentally.

Furthermore, ETS made me believe in myself. Since I have started ETS, I have seen my confidence grow tremendously. I trust my body in ways I have never trusted it before. I firmly believe that ETS and all of the people that come with it, have changed my life for the better. There is no other place I would rather be than ETS.
— Caelan Givens, UWGB Commit
The training staff and athletes at ETS create an incredible environment that helped me become quicker, stronger, and more athletic. I can’t put into words how much ETS has helped my sports career. I started training at ETS when I was 10 years old and no question will always make ETS my off-season training home for the rest of my career.
— Mike Jones, Davidson University
ETS has been a game changer for me both as an athlete and an individual. Working out at ETS has Introduced me to many other athletes in my area who I have grown to call my friends. I have learned how to push myself in a safe way and get stronger every day.

The trainers at ETS allow me to work around my schedule and arrange workout according to what season I am in. Even if it’s game day I can show up and they have a workout written up to activate my body and get warmed up for the game.

As an athlete I had goals I shared with ETS at the beginning of my membership. Two of those goals were to increase my vertical so that I was be able to dunk and to increase my weight by 10 pounds. Since the start of my training my weight has gone up 20+ pounds and I am dunking easily in games.

ETS has truly changed the way I play basketball by making me physically stronger and faster than most of my competition. I can’t thank them enough for the helping me find the drive within me and giving me the resources to become the best “me” I can be.
— Eli Steffen, High School Basketball Player


We’ve been with ETS for exactly one year and it’s had the biggest impact of anything we’ve done as a basketball program. The program is top notch, quality and consistent trainers that our athletes respect and want to work hard for. We are stronger, faster and more confident, but ETS has also made us more disciplined, committed and accountable. We can’t wait to see what our guys look like as they continue!
— Kent Genzlof, Woodbury Boys Basketball Coach
I would like to personally thank Ryan Englebert and the entire ETS staff for all their hard work and dedication in developing next level training programs for my high school students. The ETS program helped transform my college playing career as a student-athlete and it continues to serve me in my varsity head coaching career.

When a parent inquiries about how their child can become the best athlete possible or how they can prepare for the college level, my immediate response is to get them involved with Ryan and the ETS program. Their training systems are tailored to each particular individual and the results have always been second to none. Because of this and our players taking full advantage of training with the ETS system, this has played a huge role in our recent successes as our team has won 4 consecutive conference championships.
— Derik Hawkey, Southern Door Boys Basketball Coach