Proven & customizable strength, speed, energy system development and injury prevention training for any football player that is looking to significantly improve their performance.




Training at ETS has set the foundation for my past and continued success on the field. Every off-season we set new goals and put together an individualized plan for me that helps me take my game to the next level. The results I’ve seen year after year are truly second to none and because of that I couldn’t recommend a better place for SERIOUS athletes to train that want to be their best.
— Adam Thielen, All-Pro WR, Minnesota Vikings

The amount of thought that goes into each and every athlete’s training process, in-season or off-season, always blows me away. I’ve trained at “the best” places around the country and never experienced the amount of preparedness and confidence for an upcoming season than I’ve experienced with ETS Training. It never surprises me when an ETS trained athlete has success in life or in their respective sport; that is the culture.
— Zach Line, FB, New Orleans Saints
I heard about ETS my summer going into my senior year and I wish I heard about it earlier. ETS has helped me develop my strength, speed, quickness and so much more. After working out at ETS for a couple months, I moved to the University of North Dakota for football. When I got there I could tell I was a lot stronger, faster, and quicker. Not only does ETS help you with your performance but you meet so many new people that are in the same boat as you. The athletes there all want to be great and that is why they go to ETS - to be great!

The environment there is amazing and the trainers are amazing people. The trainers really take their time with the athletes and show them every technique to do every rep or drill correctly. ETS gives serious results to serious athletes!
— Garret Maag, University of North Dakota
I started my training at ETS about a year ago. The positive impact ETS has on its members is indescribable. I have grown physically and mentally through my training. The trainers at ETS are special and always want the best for its members.

While at my time at ETS I have gained over 30 pounds, 6 inches on my vertical, and have become quicker and faster then I have ever been. When I started at ETS I was just a sophomore playing JV football. After three months of intense training at ETS, I was a 1st Team All Conference, All Region, and All State Honorable Mention Junior Football Player.

One of the phrases at ETS is iron sharpens iron. This phrase means so much to me because I have grown so many meaningful relationships at ETS that have inspired me to work harder everyday. ETS is a unique and special place to train at because the trainers care so much about you. The performance specialists are one-of-a-kind and have personally become role models. The relationship I have with them will continue to grow and never break apart. I will forever thank ETS for all it has done for me.
— Hayden Large, High School Football Player
ETS not only makes you into a better athlete but a better person. If you invest into ETS you will see you’re athletic ability rise but more importantly you will grow into a better person. The trainers will help teach you discipline, integrity, and perseverance. My time at ETS helped improve my performance on the field and in the real world. Your trainers will soon turn into family at ETS and that’s what I love about it.
— Andrew Ernstmeyer, Iowa State University


As a high school football coach, I receive requests from many different trainers and gyms to work with our athletes. For 14 years I turned all of them down because I didn’t believe they could train a whole team. Then I met Ryan Englebert, founder of ETS.
I realized quickly that his passion for training athletes would allow him to bring a personalized approach to a whole team. He described new and innovative ways to train athletes that I had never heard of. ETS began training our team two summers ago and we noticed a change immediately. Our kids were working hard and working with a purpose.

The variety in the workouts kept our kids coming back for more despite how difficult they were at times. It has been almost two years since ETS took over our training and it has been one of the best decisions we have made as a football program. Our kids are training harder and smarter in and out of season and there is no question we have become quicker, more explosive, and more athletic. Nothing proves this more than winning the State Championship in 2018, for which we credit a large part due to the way our athletes prepare.

We are proud to be an ETS school. Commit. Overcome. Conquer.
— Brian Vossen, Lakeville North High School Football Coach
Our districts partnership with ETS is about so much more than the training of our athletes. From the top down, their organization is about supporting the culture the we as coaches work so hard to instill in our players. In the case of River Falls Football it was about changing the culture, helping our athletes realize both their individual and team potential. With the continued support from Ryan and ETS, River Falls is in the process of turning the corner in all of our programs. Their personalized training has helped our athletes become not only highly conditioned, but more confident. I cannot thank them enough for supporting our team and districts growth.
— David Crail, River Falls High School Football Coach
ETS has done wonders for our program not only in the physical preparation of our athletes but also the mental toughness as well. ETS does a great job in keeping our kids constantly striving to do things they never thought they could, and increasing their explosiveness and athleticism on a daily basis. From the time we have started ETS, our program has went from a program that was below .500 to a team that has now gone to the state tournament 6 straight years. I’m 100% convinced that without ETS, this does not happen.
— Matt Lombardi, Maple Grove High School Football Coach
I have been thrilled with the work that ETS has been doing with our football team. The organIzation, methods, communication and follow through are outstanding. The ETS performance specialists are, first and foremost, skilled “connectors and motivators.” The standard they set is high and the athletes respond accordingly.

The workouts are cutting edge: varied, interesting, intense, yet appropriate for the athletes. We have seen significant gains in a relatively short time and look forward to continued growth and improvement from all our athletes.
— Jeff Ferguson, Totino Grace High School Football Coach