Proven & customizable strength, speed, energy system development and injury prevention training for any hockey player that is looking to significantly improve their performance.




Training with Ryan the past 6 years has been exactly what I need. His methods are unique and tailored to each athlete and because of that I’ve been able to stay healthy and continue playing at a high level. Every workout has a reason and correlates to the game of hockey, which is rare and something I truly appreciate.
— Thomas Vanek, LW, Detroit Redwings
Since joining ETS 2 years ago, the foundation I build throughout the off-season has allowed me to feel at my peak throughout the rigorous travel schedule of an NHL season. Ryan’s intensity makes it an easy environment to focus on improving every single day.
— Alex Stalock, G, Minnesota Wild
Training at ETS has pushed me not only off the ice but on the ice too. The past couple summers I have been able to train at ETS but this past summer I was 100% committed to what I was doing each and every day in the weight room. Everyday I stepped outside the gym after a workout I felt stronger and faster. The performance specialists have pushed me to be the best athlete I can be. They have taught me to put in all my effort and commit to the stuff off ice in order to see improvements on the ice. Heading back to school this summer i have never felt more in shape, but most importantly I’ve noticed myself getting better on the ice. Off ice training and in the weight room does really have a connection to what you do on the ice. I feel faster and stronger because i committed myself to training and being better at ETS!
— Maddie Rowe National Champion Wisconsin Badger Woman’s Hockey
I’ve been really happy with my switch to ETS for summer training. I think for serious athletes schedule flexibility and personalization are a really important part of a training program and I’ve certainly found both here. When I can go into a new season with confidence in what I did in the offseason, it speaks volumes of what ETS has to offer.
— Charley Graaskamp, Selber Wolfe (Pro Hockey in Germany)
ETS has played a big part in my overall development as a hockey player and person. I have been able to translate my workouts to the way I preform on the ice. I have noticed a big increase in my speed, strength, and endurance throughout the offseason. ETS has helped me set many goals for my development.
— Brenden Olson, Mankato State University


ETS Performance training has been a blessing for not only my high school program in the past, but now for the Minnesota Magician as well. Ryan and his staff are first class leaders who care deeply about the development in our athletes on an individual and team basis. The systems work and results show immediately on the ice. Our athletes are motivated to attend every ETS training session which shines a light on the environment and trust ETS has instilled in them. There is no question that ETS will continue to work my athletes for years to come.
— AJ Bucchino, Minnesota Magicians Hockey Coach
ETS Training has been a difference maker in our association for our youth athletes. We’ve always done “dryland training” in the past but until a couple years ago, never experienced a true system that correlated to the game of hockey. Our players are skating faster, shooting harder and the number of injuries our players have suffered has gone down considerably. There’s no question ETS has a specific plan for hockey players and teams.
— Kevin Wynsdorf, Youth Hockey Coach