Proven & customizable strength, speed, energy system development and injury prevention training for any volleyball player that is looking to significantly improve their performance.




Training at ETS the past three years has been game changing for me. Not only has my vertical jump increased by 8”, but I i’m stronger, more agile and my confidence both on and off the court has sky-rocketed. I truly believe anything can happen when athletes buy into the ETS system.
— Chelsea Wilson, High School Volleyball Player
I was first introduced to ETS the summer of 2017 before my volleyball team won the State Championship. Coincidence? It wasn’t. ETS’ motto to ”Commit. Overcome. Conquer.” set the tone for our season and helped us to commit to the process, overcome adversity, and conquer all challenges that came our way. I continued to work with ETS through my final two seasons of high school volleyball. This past January when I decided to further my volleyball career and play at the University of St. Thomas I knew that if I wanted to be prepared, ETS was the place I needed to be. If I’m being honest, on my first day I was nervous because I knew that it was a place for only the best of the best. It wasn’t long before I was shown that I was the best of the best. The program allowed me to progress every week, empowering me to continue to do the work so that doing what I love would come easier. My competitive, passionate, and hardworking personality thrived in the environment they created for me and pushed me to grow inside and outside of the gym. I couldn’t be more excited to go into my freshman season this fall feeling stronger and faster than I have ever been before.
— Amelia Wherland, University of St. Thomas
My time at ETS has been unforgettable in many different ways. I can feel and see myself getting better everyday because of the challenging & demanding workouts that Spencer and the rest of the ETS trainers personalize for me. Not only has my physical toughness vastly improved, I know that I am capable of pushing myself farther than I could’ve ever thought as my confidence and self-assurance as an athlete has been strengthened.
— Lauren Link, High School Volleyball Player


The experience, training and growth opportunity provided by the staff at ETS is unquestionably the best in the state. Founder Ryan Englebert and his Performance Coaches have worked tirelessly to provide an exceptional program for all athletes that is unique in the world of high school athletics. Without a doubt, the Lakeville North Volleyball program (2017 State Champions) has been directly impacted by the excellence and discipline built into and resulting from our training with ETS. While the performance growth is substantial, what our players often talk about is the consistency, encouragement and knowledge provided by their staff. There is no question that this training has supported the success achieved within our program. Thank you ETS!
— Jackie Richter, Lakeville North Volleyball Coach
Committing to work with ETS for our team training was one of the best decisions our coaching staff has made. Day in and day out, our players were challenged and pushed beyond any level they would have reached on their own thanks to the detailed programming. Not only did we see physical improvements in strength, speed, and coordination, but also in teamwork, mental toughness, and confidence. ETS is committed to high standards and with their amazing implementation plan, the program ensured our athletes performed movements safely and correctly. The expertise and knowledge that ETS provides is second to none. We look forward to continuing to work with ETS!
— Darla Diermeier, Elk Mound High School Volleyball Coach