We provide customized on-site or off-site team training programs for youth, high school, college sports teams, clubs or associations for in-season or off-season. Whether a team is looking for an 8 session speed and movement mastery camp, a 12 week in-season or off-season specialized plan or a year around system implemented into their school or association, we have you covered.

Below you will find the 9 crucial components that we implement for all ETS teams.




Neuromuscular specific exercises to prepare the body for activity while addressing bio-motor abilities used during sports.


Maximize acceleration and max speed potential while running as efficiently as possible by learning correct running mechanics.


Learn and apply the techniques of how to move laterally by absorbing competition-like force and becoming a true master of movement.


Learn how to absorb force when slowing down (or decelerating) while also learning how to land softly when jumping to avoid injury.


Plyometrics, medicine ball work and the ETS Vertical and Horizontal Load to Explode training methods to dramatically increase total body power output.


Sport specific “conditioning” will be implemented into each athlete’s program if or when it is appropriate.


Identify and correct muscular imbalances before an acute injury occurs.


Information on how to recover properly after each training session to help maximize training gains.


A world renowned post workout mobility program that will address and eliminate various movement deficiencies.

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ETS has done wonders for our program not only in the physical preparation of our athletes but also the mental toughness as well. ETS does a great job in keeping our kids constantly striving to do things they never thought they could, and increasing their explosiveness and athleticism on a daily basis. From the time we have started ETS, our program has went from a program that was below .500 to a team that has now gone to the state tournament 6 straight years. I’m 100% convinced that without ETS, this does not happen.
— Matt Lombardi, Maple Grove High School Football Coach
As a high school football coach, I receive requests from many different trainers and gyms to work with our athletes. For 14 years I turned all of them down because I didn’t believe they could train a whole team. Then I met Ryan Englebert, founder of ETS.  I realized quickly that his passion for training athletes would allow him to bring a personalized approach to a whole team. He described new and innovative ways to train athletes that I had never heard of.  ETS began training our team 2 summers ago and we noticed a change immediately. Our kids were working hard and working with a purpose. The variety in the workouts kept our kids coming back for more despite how difficult they were at times. It has been almost two years since ETS took over our training and it has been one of the best decisions we have made as a football program. Our kids are training harder and smarter in and out of season and there is no question we have become quicker, more explosive, and more athletic. The trainers are passionate, knowledgeable, and highly motivating. Trevor Morning has also encouraged tons of athletes in your youth association to begin training. It’s a great workout and kids love it. We are proud to be an ETS school. Commit. Overcome. Conquer.
— Brian Vossen, Lakeville North High School Football Coach
The experience, training and growth opportunity provided by the staff at ETS is unquestionably the best in the state. Founder Ryan Englebert and his Performance Coaches have worked tirelessly to provide an exceptional program for all athletes that is unique in the world of high school athletics. Without a doubt, the Lakeville North Volleyball program (2017 State Champions) has been directly impacted by the excellence and discipline built into and resulting from our training with ETS. While the performance growth is substantial, what our players often talk about is the consistency, encouragement and knowledge provided by the staff. There is no question that this training has supported the success achieved within our program. Thank you ETS!
— Jackie Richter, Lakeview North Volleyball Coach
In my 23 years in high school sports I have seen strength and speed gurus come and go. Our athletes build confidence, increase athleticism, and are held to a high standard as a result of training with Sylvia and ETS. The gains are measurable, the methodology is research-based, and the coaching is both highly intense AND respects the individual in a manner that challenges them to be their best self.  From mobility analysis and improvement to speed training to strength training to recovery work—ETS takes an extremely holistic approach to improve athletic performance.
— Bill Vance, Totino Grace High School Boys Soccer Coach
I have been thrilled with the work that ETS and Sylvia Braaten have been doing with our football team at Totino-Grace. The organization, methods, communication and follow through are outstanding. ETS and Sylvia are first and foremost skilled connectors and motivators; The standard they set is high and the athletes respond accordingly. The workouts are cutting edge: varied, interesting, intense, yet appropriate for the athletes. We have seen significant gains in a relatively short time and look forward to continued growth and improvement from all our athletes.
— Jeff Ferguson, Totino Grace High School Football Coach
The ETS team provides strength and mobility workouts specifically designed to both help enhance the performance of our cross-country athletes and to help prevent injury. The key to making performance gains in long distance running is consistency in training, and a major part of consistency is staying healthy and injury-free. Strength training in cross country runner’s targets both the muscles they need to run faster along with the muscle imbalances that can cause injury. Sylvia and ETS understand that, providing our team with a holistic strength program to make us strong, well-balanced athletes that are ready to reach our performance goals.
— Conor Wells, Totino Grace High School Cross Country Coach
Committing to work with ETS for our team training was one of the best decisions our coaching staff has made. Day in and day out, our players were challenged and pushed beyond any level they would have reached on their own. Michael was extremely professional; always arriving promptly, with a detailed daily program and a genuine excitement to work with our athletes. Not only did we see physical improvements in strength, speed, and coordination, but also in teamwork, mental toughness, and confidence. ETS is committed to high standards and under careful supervision, ensured athletes performed movements safely and correctly. The expertise and knowledge that the ETS Performance Coaches provide is second to none. We look forward to continuing to work with ETS!
— Darla Diermeier, Menomonie High School Girls Soccer Coach
Since partnering with ETS in January of 2018, I am extremely pleased with the growth and development of our student-athletes.  ETS brings an intensity, focus, and passion to each workout, and has helped change the mindset from “getting through” to “getting better every day”.  Their staff is knowledgeable, passionate, and intense.  They do the little things right and they demand the same from their athletes.  We had athletes train at their East Metro facility during the spring, and then they took over running our summer Royal Power and Speed program.  In seeing the transformation in attitude and physical ability, we have grown our partnership to involve both in-season and off-season training programs.  I am confident that ETS’ involvement with training our athletes will help the culture of our program turn the corner to consistently compete among the elite teams in Minnesota.  There is much work to do, but I am confident that partnering with ETS will be a critical step in the right direction.
— Andy Hill, Woodbury High School Football Coach
Our districts partnership with ETS is about so much more than the training of our athletes.  From the top down, their organization is about supporting the culture the we as coaches work so hard to instill in our players. In the case of River Falls Football it was about changing the culture, helping our athletes realize both their individual and team potential.  With the support of the trainers behind the ETS name, River Falls is in the process of turning the corner in all of our programs. Their personalized training has helped our athletes become not only highly conditioned, but more confident.  I cannot thank them enough for supporting our team and districts growth.
— David Crail, River Falls High School Football Coach
ETS has worked closely with our program the last two years and we have seen great results with our kids. Increased speed, change of direction and functional strength. I believe the training has also
reduced injuries. We continue to partner with ETS and plan to both in season and off season. It’s a great program for kids at the elementary and middle school level as well. Many of our top young athletes are training at ETS!
— Derek Pennington, Zeeland East High School Football Coach
Since its inception into our high school, ETS has made pronounced difference in the strength and athleticism for the River Falls Baseball team. I have been more than impressed with the energy that the ETS staff exhibits during workouts to push each individual, while also maintaining a team orientated atmosphere. ETS has been a game changer for our student-athletes and I look forward to seeing continued results for years to come.
— Ryan Bishop, River Falls High School Baseball Coach
We thank ETS for providing the strength and conditioning training for our entire Farmington Hockey Association this year! We take great pride in our athletes and have found ETS to significantly help us build that foundation for our youth. We have seen firsthand the amazing difference their training has provided our athletes as it has transitioned to the ice.
— Derek Lafferty, Farmington Hockey Association
I would like to personally thank Ryan Englebert and the entire ETS staff for all of their hard work and dedication in developing next level training programs for my high school athletes. The ETS program helped transform my college playing career as a student-athlete and it continues to serve me in my varsity coaching career at Southern Door High School. When a parent inquires about how their child can become the best athlete possible or how they can better prepare for the college level, my immediate response is to get them involved with Ryan and the ETS Program. Their training systems are tailored to each particular individual and the results have always been second to none. All of these athletic and lifestyle improvements have undoubtedly played a major role in our recent successes as my boys varsity basketball team won our 3rd straight conference championship this season. This is the first time this has ever happened in school history! I highly recommend ETS to any athlete or any coach looking to take their game to the next level.
— Derik Hawkey, Southern Door High School Boys Basketball Coach